We’re excited to have you join us at Level Up, the Tri-State area’s premier tabletop games convention! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to make your arrival as smooth as possible. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to contact our team. 

The LevelUp Retreat will be at the Hilton Stamford Hotel located in Stamford, Connecticut.

7am – Library and Gaming Hall Open

8am – Registration

12am (Midnight) – Library closes as does Event Parking.


  • The Gaming Hall and Library will officially open at 7am on Friday.
  • Please note that registration on Friday does not open until 8am. So if you’d like to get into the gaming hall the moment it opens, please come on Thursday to register between 8pm and 10pm.
  • The Library will then close at Midnight on Friday. However, the Gaming Hall will stay open the entire night. This will mean if you’d like to keep playing overnight, you’ll need to bring your own games or partner with someone who has their own.
  • Saturday and Sunday will follow the same schedule with the exception of closing time on Sunday. All games from the Library will need to be returned by 6pm on Sunday and tear down will begin at 8pm that night.


Important Parking Note:

For those attendees not staying at the hotel, you will need to move your car at midnight each night if you wish to keep playing in the Gaming Hall. You will need to find local parking nearby before returning to the Gaming Hall.

To complete registration and collect your badges, please enter the hotel and make your way to the second floor via the escalators. A registration desk will be stationed at the top.

Registration opens at 8 AM on Friday.

We are also offering registration on Thursday night from 8-10 PM.

There are two parking lots attendees can use. 

When you drive onto the hotel premises, follow the signs to the parking ramp (which is on the left of the hotel). There will be one area for Event Parking and then regular parking for hotel guests. We recommend hotel guests stick to regular hotel parking as you will not be required to move your vehicles.

For attendees not staying at the hotel, please use the Event Parking. This is free parking provided for the retreat. However, you will need to move your car by midnight each night as the Event parking is not for overnight use. You can find local parking nearby and return to the Gaming Hall afterwards.

Yes, the Hilton Stamford Hotel is just a 5 minute walk (0.25 miles) from the Stamford Train Station.

If you purchased the VIP badge, you will have access to our snack room, offering an assortment of snacks and beverages. There is also a bar, restaurant and Starbucks on the hotel grounds. Additionally, there are many restaurants in Stamford that you may choose to visit or order in from. Please note that any food brought into the hotel must be eaten either in your guest room or in designated eating areas only.

To check into your room, please head to the front desk in the lobby of the hotel and bring with you a photo ID (matching the name you gave when you purchased the room) and a credit card for incidentals.

Check in will be at 4 PM on the day of your arrival. It is possible that your room will be available prior to 4 PM and you are welcome to visit the reservation desk to inquire about that. Check out is at 11 AM on the day of your departure. 

Should you need to store your luggage until check in time, please ask the front desk to take care of this for you. They will give you a ticket and store your luggage for you. When you are ready to go to your room, give them your ticket and they will bring you your luggage.

Yes, there is free in-room and lobby WiFi available.

There are kosher restaurant options nearby for weekdays. For those who are kosher-observant, kosher Shabbat meals will be provided for those who have booked their hotel room through our portal. To request to participate in the Shabbat meals, please email the request to with your confirmation number.


Feb 2-4, 2024

Delta Hotels Marriott Woodbridge, NJ


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